Monday, 13 July 2015



HEY Y'ALL!! Hoping everyone has been enjoying the sunny days God has blessed us with! The weather's been a little up and down lately... it's left me real stuffy and bunged up, but hey I'm alive and well so can't complain.

It was (my brother) James's birthday on Sunday, the eldest of the 2 of my siblings. He has reached the big 30!! I wanted to throw him a surprise birthday party being that 30 is another milestone in age. I unfortunately didn't get round to planning anything major, but I did organise a dinner with my family.
We started the day by going to church where a few of his friends were. James is quite a quiet character with a big laugh, so if you don't ask him anything directly, he won't tell you. I made sure to let people know at church it was his birthday as a lot of them didn't know... everyone kindly sang to him :).

I decided to take my family to eat at the Botanist, a very rustic, quaint and chilled restaurant. I reserved a table in the corner for the 7 of us to eat. James had no idea of the plans, or that his immediate family were joining together to celebrate his life!! It was all somewhat of a surprise :D.

I chose to wear a very casual and comfortable fit. This simple long jersey dress over the top of my skinny jeans, paired with a cropped two-toned corduroy  jacket was the right amount of minimal, to go with these statement pink heels. I reached for a black business bag and my outfit was complete. I decided against any jewellery as I wanted to be as understated as possible, it wasn't my birthday haha.

LEVIS JACKET- Vintage Shop
JEANS- Primark
We ate, laughed, caught up and reminisced. It was a really nice chilled environment. Of course my little princess angel face (niece) was present...she stole the show with her cuteness :).
I think James thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with everyone, his big smile was unmissed! Considering the majority of the time he showers me with 'little sister needs' lol, I'm sure he appreciated being treated to dinner!
Age really ain't nothing but a number however progression is key. We all (I'm sure) have ambitions, goals and things we're striving towards. The bigger picture is to live out our dreams, be happy and surrounded by the people we love doing what we love. Although there isn't necessarily a time restraint on success, being complacent only keeps you in one place.
James's birthday allowed me to refocus and think about where I want to be and what I would like to accomplish by 30...I see it as time frame to work towards achieving certain dreams of mine. No matter how big or small your vision is, never give up hope or let your age deter you from reaching those dreams!

He's single and ready to mingle ;)

STYLE TIP- Be confident and fearless no matter what! Embrace the new and improved you! The older you are the wiser you become(hopefully).
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