Wednesday, 29 October 2014



I was back in London this weekend supporting and styling a dear friend of mine at Proud Camden and I knew I wouldn't have time to change clothes before the evening gig, so I decided to wear something I would feel pretty decent in for friday day and night.
I chose to wear a printed shirt, a pair of high-waisted trousers and a leather jacket. I accessorized with a matte lip and faux fur body bag.
This leather jacket was my main accessory for the weekend. A leather jacket is timeless, edgy and can be dressed up or down. This genuine leather jacket I purhased from ebay was an absolute steal for just £24!!

SHIRT- Marks & Spencers
BAG- Coast
SHOES- United Footwear
 On the saturday I spent the day with my favourite friend Yasmin. We went for coffee and caught up on life. It was so so nice to see her and chat. It truly is a special thing when you know that you have friends who are genuinely for you.. no jealously, complete support in your ventures and pure encouragement! Unfortunately Yasmin and I have both experienced shade from people we's disheartening because it is unexpected, especially coming from people you think you've estabilished life-long bonds with. What we have both realised is that it is not a reflection on us, but them, which is likely to stem from personal insecurities. I will do a seperate blogspot in more depth about this subject lol.. I chose to wear a simple outfit, quite similar to one above, to meet Yaz. A black and white printed shirt, high-waisted black jeans, an oversized cardigan and my leather jacket on top. I accesorized with these cat eye glasses that really added to this fit.


JEANS- Prmark
SHOES- United Footwear
Glasses- Ebay
So Sunday evening I planned to go to an event called Vocals and Verses held at Vibe Bar in Shoreditch. This event happens once a month showcasing talented artists, from poets, singers, rappers and lyricists. I always thoroughly enjoy going to Vocal and Verses and I am never disappointed with what I see. I wanted to wear this bohemian, floaty look, but the weather was a lot freshier on Sunday, so opted for an all black layered ensemble. Below is a few snaps of what I intially chose to wear.


TOP- E-vie
LIPSTICK- Maybeline
STYLE TIP: A leather jacket is timeless. Invest in seasonless pieces.
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