Sunday, 29 November 2015



Hey guys! 
So as some of you may know, I love to go to church. It feeds my mind, body and soul. When I need encouragement, confirmation for something or just a place to hang out, my church is open to help meet all those needs.
Growing up in a church where the congregation was predominately West Indian, it was apart of our 'culture' to dress up! Even though this was not a requirement, for my family it was.
I now attend a church that is multicultural and quite laid back in terms of attire, which is neither here or there... church certainly isn't about your exterior! I loved dressing up for church growing up and I love that I now have the option.

What I wore

Last Sunday I wanted to be comfortable (as per usual) yet cute. I decided to wear a dress, a pair of trousers and an oversized coat. The colour palette was very neutral with a hint of pastel pink.

This simple crew neck dress is a great mini that can be worn with knee high boots, ankle booties or heeled sandals. I chose to wear it as a long top over the top of these waxed jeans. I liked the slight contrast in textures alongside the patent black boots. To add an Autumn touch I through on a khaki scarf and rocked a plum lip.
I accessorised using my phone case.

DRESS- Neon Rose
BOOTS- River Island
COAT- Jaegar
SCARF- Brick Lane
LIPSTICK- Colourpop (Lax)

STYLE TIP- Come as you are!! Dont worry about being accepted! The man up stairs has got your back!

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