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I decided to exit London Fashion Week on day 3. I was slightly overwhelmed with the atmosphere, my surroundings and my whole purpose of being there. It may have been the weather or that fact I didn't make it to church to get my life, but I just wasn't feeling it at all lol. Considering I wore a vibrant pop of pink, it didn't quite reflect my mood. I stayed a little while and decided to catch up with my girl Chi Chi. We really had a lot to catch up on and nothing soothes the soul like soul food, but first lets get into this look honey! 

What I Wore

I currently live in a little town in the West Midlands where there aren't many well known shops such as H&M to buy amazing clothes which means I travel to places where there are malls, however I am a bonafide  shopaholic so I tend to find great steals in random places. This entire outfit was from a spontaneous day out  running errands. I shimmied into a shop that was closing down to browse through the sales and came across this jacket top and trousers. Sorry fashionistas, I don't have the full details of this outfit as it was such a random purchase but this look is easy to achieve. 

A simple satin tank top can be found in any high street store such as Zara. Team it with a cropped pair of work trousers and a round neck leather (or faux leather) jacket from either H&M, Forever21 or Topshop.

JACKET- No name
TOP- No name
SHOES- Forever21
BAG- Camden Lock

What I loved about this look was how girly yet cool it was. The fluorescent colours brought the feminine factor while the flats and shades brought the cool. Again I was extremely comfortable walking the streets of London.

My girl Chichi not so much lol. She looked amazing in this minimal block coloured ensemble. 

A simple green church dress with gold detailing, worn with a long black jacket rested upon her shoulders topped off with killer yellow blocked heels and a bouncy lustrous afro...she looked effortlessly chic! 
All that and a bag of chips!!!  

Chichi is also a fashion blogger. Check her out, she's super sophisticated.

Before we left Brewer Street to eat, we came across this stylish guy Jesse. His style is always so eye-catching, unique and wearable. Although he has a daring look it oozes flair! He wanted to cop a squat on the bench next to me... I couldn't resist the photo op ha-ha! Be sure to check out his stuff via instagram. Jesse is a super chilled stylist from Holland living the London life.  
Instagram: @jesseclaus


So that concludes my Fashion Week this term. I'm thoroughly looking forward to LCM (London Collection Mens) in the new year...nothing but menswear!!!

Have a great weekend lovelies :)

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