Thursday, 6 November 2014



Now that the nights are getting colder, the street lights are on earlier and Christmas is around the corner, I'm preparing for a cold winter in style. 
I already own a pair of thigh-high boots, but these Tom Ford lookalikes caught my eye a while back! I was waiting for these boots to arrive and they came early! :)
I threw together 3 quick outfits, showing easy breezy ways to wear them. These boots are very much a statement piece, so less is more.

An over-sized baggy top or jumper dress, is right on trend at the moment. Here I am wearing a lose fitting top and a knitted cardigan for simplicity, which allows for the boot to be the centre piece.
Because these boots can easily look like hooker heels or a little too sexy (depending on what you wear them with), I have styled these to my personal taste, straying away from anything too tight, short or revealing.

HAT- Cow Vintage 
TOP- Ebay

I was very much inspired by Pharell Williams when putting this look together. The styling is faintly masculine. This box cut shirt, buttoned to the top is paired with tartan shorts and worn over the thigh-high boots.

HAT- Cow Vintage
SHIRT- Hammer
SHORTS- Charity Shop

This a very minimal ensemble. A silk shirt, a pair of grey skinny jeans and an exaggerated scarf compliments the boots. No real effort or thought is needed, when in a hurry or want to look fab without the hassle of thinking about 'what to wear'.

SHIRT-My mama
JEANS- Topshop
SCARF- Topshop (years ago)

STYLE TIP: Whether its a statement coat or boot, don't let winter dress you down!
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